ASNY's Benchmarking Service provides compliance with Local Law 84 of the GGBP Legislation; implements a monitoring and benchmarking process; and generates benchmarking reports. Can yield 2-5% energy savings.

Through the Benchmarking Service, ASNY will manage the benchmarking process, including aggregation of historical utility information, filing of any required compliance reports, and creation of a benchmarking report for each building. All energy usage information will be gathered and entered into Energy Star Portfolio Manager, which will benchmark all the buildings in Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program.

The benchmarking process includes:

- Collecting comprehensive energy bill data
- Classifying the building’s operations and space types
- Developing a bill collection system for ongoing performance monitoring
- Generating a Benchmarking Report for each building
- Monthly updating of data
- Filing necessary compliance documentation with New York City.

Walk through Evaluations

ASNY will perform annual walk through Evaluations in each building to identify energy conservation opportunities and provide recommendations for improved building performance and compliance with all GGBP requirements. A Walk Through Evaluation includes a review of mechanical and electric rooms, office floors, data centers, restrooms, retail spaces, and any other atypical spaces such as auditoriums, fitness centers, and cafeterias. This walk through Evaluation will be focused on confirming the building data entered into Energy Star Portfolio Manager and identifying low and no cost efficiency improvement opportunities which will help the building conserve energy and reduce operational costs. All opportunities identified will be detailed in a Evaluation Report which will include estimated implementation cost and payback information.

Quarterly Performance Reports

Performance Reports will be created for each property engaged. The report will contain a summary of the property’s utility usage information and the associated costs, a year over year comparison of performance (if available), trending in the benchmarking scores over time, and EUI comparison against peers in the market on national, regional, and local levels. All reports will be updated on a quarterly basis to facilitate an ongoing understanding or building performance.