Company Background

ASNY provides customized consulting and management services for projects incorporating green building concepts and alternative energy solutions.  As LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-APs) and active members of the USGBC, we are advocates for sustainable development, energy efficiency, and utilizing renewable sources of energy.  We are also advocates for the industry and support the education of the general public.

Our Philosophy is to collaborate with all project team members and stakeholders in a common open process.  This means that all parties understand their roles, the roles of others and how they fit together as a team; and communication is timely, accurate and complete.  In our collective experience such a process fosters transparency, alignment and ownership impacting the success of the project.

Our areas of focus include working with design teams committed to sustainable practices in commercial, government and residential construction, designing and implementing alternative energy systems,  assisting our clients in obtaining government funding and other financial incentives for renewable energy projects and energy audit & efficiency programs, and partnering with businesses and government agencies to develop the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

With over eighteen years of professional experience managing multi-million dollar technology and construction projects, the management team at ASNY understands how to ensure project success by tailoring a solution to your specific goals.  In their roles, they have the combined experience of project planning and execution, budgeting, vendor and subcontractor management, RFP coordination, contract negotiation, and field support.  Our executives have worked in a diverse mix of industries including construction, consumer products, supply chain, telecommunications, financial services, media and specialty chemicals.