EV Charging Infrastructure

ASNY is a major proponent of alternative energy vehicles, particularly electric vehicles.  We collaborate with municipalities and organizations in the tri-state area interested in greening their fleets, developing their charging infrastructure and provide a road map to achieve that end.

An initiative to roll out a network of charging stations over a large geographical area presents its own unique challenges to coordinate.  This type of project will require intricate interface with the various parties involved.  Providing project management services in this regard encompasses overseeing the concept phase.  This phase is essentially a feasibility study to obtain approval of the project followed by a detailed planning phase that maps out the size and scope of the project along with a budget, work plan and schedule with a breakout of its various phases.

In providing consultation and implementation services to deploy networks of electric vehicle charging stations we design and deliver solutions utilizing flexible business models to meet the needs of our customers.  Charging stations may be fully/partially owned by the site owner, station owner, or sponsor depending on the specific opportunity.

The benefits of installing EV charging stations depend on the specific business model implemented, but may include:

  •     Supporting the adoption of EVs to the public and private sector.  
  •     Enable organizations to significantly reduce the costs of operating fleets.
  •     Contributing to the long term improvement in air quality and reduction in carbon emissions.
  •     Provide local job opportunities
  •     Establishing a differentiator for a business to attract EV drivers
  •     Generating potential revenues from charging sales