The green building market will continue to grow rapidly, creating a demand for qualified LEED consultants.

  •     According to a McGraw-Hill Smart Market report, about 10% of new commercial construction projects in 2010 will be green, and that the green building market will grow to $60 billion (from $12 billion in 2008).
  •     Since its launch in 1998, over 20,000 building projects, representing over 5 billion square feet, have registered to seek LEED certification.
  •     The EIA estimates that buildings in the U.S. represent about 40% of primary energy use, consuming 72% of our electricity, and 14% of our potable water.  In addition, they produce about 39% of all CO2 emissions.
  •     According to the New Buildings Institute, energy use in LEED buildings is 25 to 30% better than the national average.
  •     On September 1, 2009, Governor Paterson signed the State Green Building Construction Act which requires that new state buildings and major renovations comply with the green building guidelines established by the Office of General Service.  The OGS recognizes LEED as a model green building program.  New Jersey and Connecticut already had similar legislation in place.