Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

ASNY provides consultation and implementation services for solar, wind, and geothermal installations.  We design and deliver solutions tailored to our customers’ specific goals and needs (energy capacity, budget, site characteristics, and aesthetics).  By being vendor-agnostic, we will design solutions with the best interests of our customers in mind.  These green power systems benefit our customers by reducing/eliminating their electrical costs and improving our quality of life by reducing the demand for traditional (non-green) forms of energy production.

Site Analysis

The first step is to determine whether on-site renewable energy generation actually makes sense for an interested business or entity. If so, we perform a rigorous quantitative evaluation of the factors that affect the long-term viability of the installation, including the site's unique physical aspects, weather patterns and local permitting requirements.


Following additional analysis, engineers create detailed and accurate engineering specifications for the installation. We prepare design drawings and verify suitability of the roof and roof structure for loading of PV modules and mounting system. We then determine the actual placement and layout of the modules and other components of the system, as well as identify and solve specific potential challenges. At the end of this process, we ensure that all applicable electrical and building codes will be met.


Proper financial structuring is a critical component to any successful project, and part of our complete solution is our commitment to meeting clients’ financing needs. We help clients administer the various available financial incentives, facilitate the appropriate financing arrangements, and create the right finance package for each client’s unique situation. We also prepare a cash flow analysis for each project, enabling clients to evaluate the benefits of varying financial arrangements.


After careful planning and preparation; we supervise installation of all systems.  Our project managers monitor the process from beginning to end in collaboration with its expert engineering and construction teams to ensure a seamless installation. All work and processes will be performed by qualified vendors in accordance with submitted design documents.


The support phase is vital to the enduring success of each project. Once installation and deployment are complete, maintenance of the client facilities is relatively easy. We are committed to keeping our client systems’ operating at maximum productivity and efficiency. We achieve this through a combination of site inspections and web-based monitoring where available.